The very much expected iPhone 5 is finally here.

Thinner, taller and with a larger screen. You can currently check the new pictures at their official site iPhone 5 

iphone 5 release, all rights reserved to Apple, the image belongs to the Apple corp official site
Here are the highlights for the iPhone 5:
  • A larger display 
  • Faster chip
  • Amazing wireless technology
  • Great top-notch 8MP iSight camera
  • iPhone 5 is the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever

        The 4-inch Retina display allows you to enjoy an amazing experience when using this new device, vivid and lifelike colors make a big difference when compared to other Apple devices
        Even thought the iPhone 5 screen is larger, the width is exactly as the iPhone 4's so it's easier to use with just one hand.

        The iPhone 5 also supports the latest wireless technologies, Wi-Fi is faster too. Browsing, downloading and straming will be improved remarkably.

        The new Apple-designed A6 chip in iPhone 5 is powerful but won't squeeze your battery this time. It is said that the iPhone 5 battery life is twice as large as the iPhone 4 or 3 

        Another important hightlight about the A6 CPU it's overall performance and graphics performance since they are supposed to be up to twice as fast as on the A5 chip. 

        We are now waiting for this amazing device to be on stores so we can test it and write some reviews for it.

        Stay tuned for more news!
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